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Re: Juridical prosecution

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 05:57:06PM +0200, Martin Sobek wrote:
> You place your page on address www.sobek-sobek.com unlawfully! Remove it
> immediately or you risk juridical prosecution.
> > Sobek-Sobek.com q analytic service q info@sobek-sobek.com q +420605921227
> > q  Bryksova 27, 19800 Prague 9, CZ
> > 
> > 

That is not "our page".  That's the default page that you get if you install
apache on Debian and don't populate it with your own website.  I suggest
that you talk to whoever is doing your hosting, or to your webmaster.  

There is nothing unlawful that we have done.  Somebody has just been slow to
put a real website in place on that host.  Sorry if you feel this is our
fault, it isn't.



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