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Re: debian-lex

On Sat, 2003-05-31 at 00:42, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Avv. Antonio Gammarota wrote:
> > I'm a lawyer from Bologna, Italy, and I wish partecipate to Debian-lex
> > project.
> Thanks for your interest.  This mail will contact Jeremy Malcolm
> <terminus@debian.org>, since I don't know if he's reading this list.

I am, but thanks anyway, and thanks for setting up the list yesterday. We
now have a core of interested parties comprising two Italians, a Canadian,
three Australians, a Frenchman, a Netherlander, two Americans, an Indian
and a Briton.  Anyone else on this list who is interested is welcome to
subscribe at http://lists.debian.org/debian-lex.  An overview of our
work project has just been posted to that list and will turn up in the
archive shortly.

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