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New Maintainers

Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@debian.org>

    Well, I'm working now since eight years with linux (starting with kernel
    1.3.25), and doing more and more work with it. I'm working currently as
    sysadmin and advise many unix-based systems. I have used many different
    linux distributions starting with suse, then redhat and finally I have
    stopped on debian. Debian is a very good distribution, ready for
    bussines and ready for desktop. I'm using debian now on over 25
    machines, at home and at work, and I have become more and more familiar
    with the concepts and ideas behind debian. Now it's time to give
    something back to the community. Not only with blank sayings, but with
    real work. Thats my intend to do for debian.

    I have also started my own development project (called grdesktop), which
    is of course published under the GPL, and is a little piece, which I can
    do for all the people around the world which spend their time for free
    software. Btw grdesktop will currently checked from the gnu-team to
    become offical GNU software.

    Now, back to debian. As you can see I spend many time to package useful
    (hope so) package for the debian distribution, and I write bugreports however
    I found a bug. Often, if is possible for me, with patches attached. I'm
    also help the debian-boot team to create the new debian-installer, maybe
    not enough, but I'm working on it. I'm testing parts of the installer,
    and write some new code, in the hope it will be integrated into d-i.

    Why getting an offical DD state. Now, it help me to package my software
    easier, because I can now test it on all the different machines, and I
    can upload the software faster, if a bugreport was posted.

Vincent Sander <vince@debian.org>

    My name is Vincent Sanders, I was born in the UK and currently live in
    yorkshire just outside of leeds. I am married and have two young

    My main intended area of contribution will be concerned with the ARM
    port of debian, I have already contributed towards this effort working
    with Othmar Pasteka and Phil Blundell to add a new hardware sub
    architecture (riscstation) to the ARM port. My next target is to
    assist with the new debian-installer package and port it to the ARM

    I also hope to contribute debian packages of several small Open source
    programs I have written and possibly take on the packageing of some
    other programs I use which are not currently packaged.

    I started working with Linux during University in 1994. Some friends
    and myself built a Linux server from an old 386 with 8Mb memory and
    downloaded slackware on floppy disc. Since that time I have continued
    to benefit from numerous Open Source projects (including obviously
    Debian), because of this I have felt that when opportunity presented
    itself I should return something to the community. In the past this
    has included releaseing the source to several programs I wrote to
    "scratch an itch". 

    Recently I have a job in which I am in a position to access several
    ARM based systems and my employer encorouages my improving Debian on
    these systems. In future there may even be the opportunity to
    contribute hardware as has already been done for the netBSD community.

Andrew Pollock <apollock@debian.org>

    I am nearly 26 years old, and from Australia. I have been using Linux 
    since I was about 19. I was first introduced to Debian by a co-working 
    at an ISP I worked at, and we migrated to it from Slackware, so it was 
    my first exposure to binary packages, which I found quite cool. I think 
    the idea of Free Software is great, firstly because it's cheap, and 
    secondly because it means it's easier to make functionality modifications 
    yourself if you're that way inclined.

    I initially intend to maintain some existing software packages in Debian
    (and I already am), but I currently work in IT Security, so I have an 
    interest in assisting the security group, and I also have a number of 
    years of system administration experience, so if I could be of any 
    assistance there, I would find it most satisfying. I also like coding 
    in PHP, so again, if I could be of any assistance there, that would also 
    be enjoyable for me.

Andre Luis Lopes <andrelop@debian.org>

    Andre currently maintains ibackup and is active in the Debian-BR project.

Ayman Negm <negm@debian.org>

    He comes from Egypt and lives in Germany. He is a Software Developer
    at SoftCare GmbH www.softcare.de where he developes Plugins for Adobe
    InDesign and Adobe InCopy. He is married and has a little daughter.

Tommaso Moroni <moronito@debian.org>

    I began to use Linux in 1999 after a friend of mine introduced it to me.
    I've always been attracted by the philosophy behind it, and in
    particular by how people could develop good software without being payed.
    That's why, after half year switching from a distribution to another, I
    finally chose Debian as my preferred one. After a while I decided to
    contribute to Debian in some way, and given the fact I hadn't much
    programming experience those days, I joined the Debian Description
    Translation Project efforts. Since I began to attend university I've
    gained some experience, so I adopted an orphaned Debian package (dact).

    I would like to contribute mainly as a package maintainer, even if I'd
    like to help with the debian-installer and by writing man pages, as well
    as translating as I did in the past.

    I want to volunteer my time to Debian because after all this years using
    it I'd like to return the favour. Besides by adopting a package I learnt
    a lot of things I otherwise would have never learnt. And finally I think
    Debian is an effort where the ideals of Free Software give tangible results.

Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson@debian.org>

    I'm from Brazil and am currently a Computer Science PhD candidate at
    the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

    Besides my Computer Science research I, currently, do e-business
    software development (mainly in Java) and also do users support in a
    non-profit religious organization of which I'm a member.

Edelhard Becker <edelhard@debian.org>

    On my private Debian page http://www.edelhard.de/debian_en.html you
    can find my "Linux-History" and the (first) application i want to
    maintain. larswm is, for someone who never heard of tiling window
    managers, a somewhat "strange" way of organizing a desktop. The great
    number of developers worldwide give this broad spectrum of
    applications. I'd like to make this still a bit broader and, of
    course, more stable, e.g. see my bug report

    My computer history started with a german Apple II clone in ca. 1983
    (with 16k expansion, CP/M and UCSD Pascal). Next step was a no-name
    (Taiwan) '386 clone (just because i couldn't affort a Macintosh..). On
    this PC i first used MS-DOS (relativly stable and straight-forward).
    Getting more of RAM (i think it was 4MB), unused with DOS, i used OS/2
    (1.2, 1.3 and Warp 3) for some time. On the University i got in touch
    with Unix, so i "leaned" a Interactive Unix/386 from our Admin, later
    i bought Coherent Unix. When Linux became useable for C development, i
    switched over (that was kernel 0.99pl11, in 1994, right?).

    Now we have a company (see http://www.software-manufaktur.de/) where
    we program PC-based automation systems, using QNX for hard realtime
    and (RTAI-) Linux for "soft"/no realtime. Our office runs completely
    Micro$oft free.

Brian Nelson <bnelson@debian.org>

    Brian currently maintains vux and iptstate.

Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org>

    I am 27 years old and study CS at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

    Then, I still tried and compiled a lot of things on my own but never
    got around to looking at what happens when you build a package. But
    that changed when I started working part-time at planNET GmbH (which
    is now called toplink-plannet), a local ISP. toplink-plannet uses
    Debian(potato) as its only Linux distribution for own machines as well
    as customer gateways. Part of my job had to do with back-porting woody
    packages and creating our own packages from commercial software.

Xavier Roche <xavier@debian.org>

    The reason I want to become a Debian developper is that I really like
    this system, its philosophy, and I want to help the building process,
    especially by packaging one of my softwares (and surely more packages
    when I will be totally ready).

    I have been developping for quite some time now (started on Atari ST in
    1987), and used my first slackware on a Falcon. I developped many
    freewares and utilities, and few sharewares on ST. Then I switched to
    i386 machines, and in parallel I begun to develop on Linux and Unix
    systems. At this point I started to develop with other folks a spider
    called httrack in 1998, and few months after, I decided to switch it to

    Developping is for me a job but also a hobby, and because I regularly
    use GPL software and Linux, and because I like the philosophy behind it,
    I continued to develop few things and promote the GPL movement (for
    example when my former company, Serianet, stopped its activities in
    2000, I and the former boss acquired the intellectual rights of the
    software (a groupware) to put it on GPL. The groupware is Sherpath, at

Pierre Machard <pmachard@debian.org>

    Pierre Machard is a student in University of Vannes (France). He's been
    using GNU/Linux for 4 years now.  Debian GNU/Linux has been his only OS for
    more than 1 year and a half.  His first difficulties were with the English
    language.  So he decided that he would help to improve i18n and l10n in

    More than one year ago, he started contributing to debian-l10n-french.
    Nowadays, Pierre is an administrator of Tuxfamily.  Tuxfamily hosts more
    than 1200 people who develop Free Software.

    He says:
    "For Debian, I am used to translating dsa, and dwn. I worked on boot-floppies
    documentation.  I used to work for Debian for one year.  I have writting
    permission on the webwml cvsroot.  I wish to improve access to the
    documentation in Debian and to formalize my implication in the project"

Stephen Weeks <sweeks@debian.org>

    I am 31, have been developing software since age 1982, and have been
    working on compilers since 1989.  I have a BA and MS in computer
    science.  I have been using Linux since 1993.  In 1997, while at the
    NEC research institute, I started work on MLton (www.mlton.org), a
    compiler for Standard ML that runs on Linux.  NEC released it under
    the GPL in 1999, and I have been maintaining it since then.  In 2001,
    Barak Pearmutter (bap@debian.org) created MLton packages for Debian.
    In August of 2002, I agreed to take over the packaging duties from

Thanks to Martin Loschwitz who helped compiling this list.

Martin Michlmayr

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