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Re: Linux

On Monday 26 May 2003 04:31, sak ra wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to learn Linux/Unix.  Is Debian OS right for
> that?


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programs, too)

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To your question:
In my opinion no.

Debian is great, but if you have no Unix/Linux experience, you're in for a 
very steep learning curve. Better spend a year or two playing with SuSE, 
RedHat or Mandrake - it's a bit easier to install for a Windows/Mac convert. 
If you know how to administrate a Linux box, come back to Debian and enjoy 
the freedom.

Of course, if you're highly motivated, or if you have a collegue who will 
guide you through the initial installation and configuration, Debian is good. 
Once you have it installed, the difference is not really that big.

-- vbi

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