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A short survey, really short

As you all know by now, I have been researching you all for a couple
of years (and believe it or not, I am nearly done with research and
will soon be moving on to writing) through interviews, following IRC
conversation and mailing lists, and meeting in person at key signing
events and conferences. I have collected most of the data that I want
although I feel like I am missing some information on the relationship between
Debian developers and thier upstream maintainers. As such, I have
devised a small survey on it that I have kept quite short in the hopes
of inducing an high rate of responses. Feel free to elaborate if you
would like though.

Like Branden did with his most recent survey, I will post the
results (eventually) as they might be interest to you all.

Thanks in advance,
Biella Coleman


1. Are you your own upstream maintainer for any of your packages?

       [  ] yes
       [  ] no

2. Have you ever taken over upstream maintaince of an abandoned
   package or participated in upstream development (If yes, please
   name them)?

3. Do you participate on another free/open source project and if so,
   how does your participation relate to your Debian work (please list
   the project(s) too)

4. Did you have to get your upstream maintainer to change his or her
   license so that it was DFSG compliant?

      [  ] yes
      [  ] no

5. How much contact do you have with the upstream
   maintainer before, during, and after packaging and in what

6. In what ways to you think that you have effected your upstream
   maintainer(s) ethically, technically, or philosophically?

Bonus Questions!!! If you get these "right", you get an extra point in

7. vi or emacs?
    [ ] vi
    [ ] emacs
    [ ] other [      ]

8. Some say GUIs are for wimps. Discuss.

9. Which is better?:
    [  ] Millenium Edition
    [  ] XP
    [  ] 2000
    [  ] 2000 Pro
    [  ] 98
    [  ] 95
    [  ] Give me 3.1

Biella Coleman: http://www.healthhacker.com/satoroams


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