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Update: participants in Debian-Lex sub-project

Here is an indication of some of the people who have indicated that they
wish to participate in the Debian-Lex project.  At the moment we are
mainly communicating by private email, but this is hampering development
so I would like to reiterate this bug report (and the related bug report
189807) in the hope that this sub-project can be "made official" soon
and get its proper mailing list and Web space.

Ken Walker <kgw@n0spam.lunar.ca> - Canadian lawyer using Debian
Matt Black <matt@n0spam.mattblack.cjb.net> - Law student, publicity guru
Thurgood Alex <alex.thurgood@n0spam.cabinet-richebourg.fr> - French
  lawyer and Linux user, who has offered to help with translations, etc.
Kikko <kikko@n0spam.linuxfocus.org> - Italian law student and translator
Renier Leenders <rf.leenders@n0spam.planet.nl> - Linux user from the
  Netherlands with a University degree in Dutch law
Stephen Hargrove <stephen@n0spam.exitwound.org> - American former lawyer
Andrew Perry <president@n0spam.younglawyers.com.au> - Australian lawyer
  who does PHP/MySQL development on Linux
Andrew MA Cater <amacater@n0spam.galactic.demon.co.uk> - UK law graduate

I haven't included in the above list the upstream maintainers of the
packages selected for inclusion in the sub-project, although some of
them will be directly participating also.  Apologies if I've omitted
anyone from the above list, which is probable.

JEREMY MALCOLM <Jeremy@Malcolm.id.au> Personal: http://www.malcolm.id.au
Providing online networks of Australian lawyers (http://www.ilaw.com.au)
and Linux experts (http://www.linuxconsultants.com.au) for instant help!
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