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Re: Debian reliability growth

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

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> If you install a Debian stable system, you are (more or less)
> guaranteed the system doesn't change its behaviour during its
> lifetime, except for security updates, corrections for severe problems
> and license violations.
> This is quite important if you want to use a system or base a project
> on it, but don't want to check every month if the system, after an
> update, still behaves as it should.  Even worse, if you have to expect
> that the system changes, people may not install security updates since
> this would retroactively creep in other changes that they would not
> want, hence, leaving their system vulnerable to more problems than it
> should.

               .         .         .

     Joey, this (the whole message, not just the bits I've quoted) 1s
the best explanation and justification of the Debian position on
upgrading stable that I have seen.  Thank you for taking the time to
compose it.

     Since this question comes up so frequently, I think it would be
useful to include this (with the bits that are specific to Remi's post
excluded) somewhere on the website or in a FAQ that people could be
referred to.


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