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Re: New project proposal: debian-lex

On Sat, Apr 19, 2003 at 01:41:51PM -0400, Daniel Burrows wrote:

> > > > I am interested in coordinating a new sub-project called Debian-Lex,
> > > Could you please explain the naming "lex" for non English speakers?
> > It's latin, not english. :-) It means "law".
>   I strongly urge you to change it to something like "Debian-Law", or
> everyone will think you're creating a subproject for regexp-based
> tokenizers :-)  (or maybe libraries, which was my second guess from your
> subject line)

I should point out that there are probably more lawyers than software
developers in the world, so your point can be reversed.

If english people don't even know what "lex" means, they should make a
damn effort and and learn it, or at least try to see if they can.

The rest of people on Earth using computers have been having headaches
learning stupid english slang words like widgets, gadgets or applets for
years: show at least some respect, damnit.

With love,


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