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linux installation doubt

    	I  have installed Red Hat Linux 8.0 in my system. But I can?nt boot Linux.
The booting enters in to  a unlimited waiting  state by following lines.
     INIT :  Version 2.84 Booting
 Mounting proc filesystem          [Ok]
 Unmounting initrd 		       [Ok]
 Configuring Kenel parameters  [Ok]

If I press Ctrl+C then following message is shown. 

Updating /etc/fstab failed to open  etc/open.NEW: Read only file system.
Then booting proceeds up to the line 

Starting system logger.

Then again the system enters in to a unlimited waiting state again.

Could you please help me for this problem .
[ Configuration  of system : 128Mb RAM, Celeron 667 Mhz,40GB HDD]
Yours truly,
Riyas K

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