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Re: Debian CD vendor offerings

On Dec 03, mcompengr@earthlink.net wrote:
> Two of your U.S. vendors seem to offer what I need, but alldebian.com
> sells a 7 CD package and lordsutch.com sells a 6 CD package.  I've
> written to both of them about what the differences might be, but
> have not heard back.  I'm wondering how I might find listings of
> the contents of all the various CD offerings.  (I definitely need
> to go the "everything" CD route.)

Hmm, I sent you a reply yesterday, not sure what happened to it;
here's what I said:

Message-ID: <20021203065907.GA25448@quantex.lordsutch.com>

"The main difference is that I put 700 MB on each CD, while
alldebian.com uses 650 MB per CD."

alldebian.com appears to use the official CD images, while my images
are unofficial (they include security updates, for example).

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