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Re: Debian as a social group and how to develop it better

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [021127 00:58]:
> empowering leadership
> gift-oriented cooperation and work
> enthusiasm for the group's goal
> functional structures
> holistic small groups
> need-oriented advocacy
> loving relationships
> inspiring meetings
> groups that rate high in all of these areas have been found to be
> growing and thriving. They are much fitter then groups where one
> or more of these areas are underdeveloped. This approach can also
> be used to identify and remove the bottleneck for further growth.
> the most effective way to grow (both in quality and quantity) is
> usally to remove this bottleneck by finding ways/strategies to
> develop this minimum factor.

i forgot to mention that what i wrote here comes from my limited
perspectiv. I am aware that i percive things differently then
others, and differently then they are.

i would like to invite people to 
* think about this
* find more examples in their surrounding within debian
* check if this presented perception is realistic
* ponder where it (the concept of the eight characteristics, the
    examples) is wrong, what is wrong and how it can be
* try to find distinct ways to transform debian as a project
    along these lines in a global sense
* try to find what YOU can do to increase debians fitness in these
    eight areas in your surrounding (microscopic perspective)
* consider if it would be a good thing if more debian developers read
    this and thought about this. If yes, ask three people you know
    and who did not read this allready to do so.
* finally let others know the results of your considerations

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