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debconf2 tapes

I'm sorry I've not really said much about these since I did take them,
but so far I've not had the ability to convert them to a decent format.
The camera was borrowed from a family member and I spent at least a
weekend messing around with 1394 drivers on my laptop until giving up.
I was hoping eventually to get a 1394 card for a desktop machine and
resuming my efforts, but I've not worked out when I can borrow the DV
camcorder again.  In any case, the audio quality was *awful* and in the
future I would recommend anyone taping such events to bring a microphone
of some sort. (wireless?)  

At this point, I might get a 1394 card for a desktop machine if I can
swing it during the holidays, or if someone really is willing, I am
willing to send the tapes to someone with the equipment to convert them
to a sutable format for online viewing.

Thanks for your patience for those who asked about the video.

[In retrospect, if I'm going to buy a camcorder of my own, those dvd
recordable camcorders look awesome compared to dealing with 1394 and DV
:) ]

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> KC0OBS http://www.ringworld.org/

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