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Re: Word Processing

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 03:08, Don & Brenda Arnold wrote:
> I am seriously considering purchasing Debian (Woody). I have an old Gateway
> 486 P4D system with 540mb HD, 128mb ram. I want to be able to email, surf
> the web and do word processing among other things.
> Two questions:
> Will it run fine on this machine?


It will run. But you'll just have to be aware that a 486 is not really a
fast machine... 

When configuring the graphical desktop (X Window System - not sure how
much you already know about Linux/Unix systems), you should use some
light window manager such as twm or fvwm (not sure: is windowmaker fast
enough?), in any case don't try to use gnome or kde - you'll have a
really long coffee break after you log in...

> What can I use for word processing if I install Woody?

Usually I recommend abiword, koffice or openoffice on Linux - however,
probably all three are really slow (Especially: don't try to use
openoffice on this machine!). 

You can always use one of the many texteditors, like nedit, they don't
use that many resources. lyx should be quite usable, too.

Harddisk space: I guess you'll have to do some careful thinking which
packages to install, but with not installing gnome, kde, and all the
development stuff you should be able to do fine.

-- vbi

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