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Re: qt3

Hi zbynek!

> I would like to ask if the new stable Debian GNULinux version will
> contain qt3 libraries, so KDE3 too? When it will be prepared?

The Debian KDE FAQ says:

| 1.4 Why is KDE3 not in the official distribution?
| Debian is currently moving from GCC 2.95.4 to GCC 3.2.1 as the default
| compiler in Sid. Due to the changed C++ name mangling scheme and ABI,
| all C++ code compiled with GCC 2.95.4 is binary incompatible with C++
| compiled with GCC 3.2.1. This means that all C++ code must be recompiled
| in Sid. As this is a large undertaking (there are about 900 C++ packages
| in sid, 223 of them are KDE) it has been decided to wait until we see
| how the transition will work before uploading KDE into sid.

I don't know when the gcc3 transition will take place though (according
to http://people.debian.org/~willy/c++transition.html, arm and m68k have
no gcc3.2 yet). 

Kind regards,
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