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Re: Bug#97671: xutils: why is rstart.real a conffile?

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Branden Robinson wrote:

> [-project and -policy, I CCed you because I'm raising issues relevant to
> you; *please* honor the Mail-Followup-To: header!]

Er, why -ctte and the bug only?  My response is germane to more than these
groups.  In fact, this really doesn't have any particular bearing on the bug,
nor the ctte.

> > Obviously, I, personally, do, and if you want to punt to the release
> > manager, you can make use of that. It's not clear that's particularly
> > appropriate, since the question is surely as much "was this the right
> > thing to do" as "does Anthony have any right to do it".
> My feeling as package maintainer is that, if you as Release Manager
> don't regard it is a show-stopper for release, then I should be
> permitted to prioritize the bug as I see fit.

Hmm.  Ponder.

Severity should not be changed.  It is well defined, as to what it does.

However, maybe a second field, that the maintainer has full control over, that
signifies the order in which he is looking at bugs, or something.

This could be added somewhat easy.  It'd most likely be the first new field
added to the .status file, since like forever.

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