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Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4

Duncan Findlay writes ("Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4"):
> Other considerations, many of these are taken from Branden Robinson,
> whose e-mails you don't seem to read anymore:
> 2) You need to explain what you mean by the Project Leadership
> explicitly (I suggest you add "(i.e. the DPL or a delegate of the DPL
> with jurisdiction over the issue)", as Branden suggested)

I've done this in my working draft.

> 3) Please include the situation where people argue over bug
> severities, not just re-assigning and closing/re-opening.

How about this paragraph

 * The bug is submitted at one severity, but the maintainer feels that
 a different severity is appropriate.  In the absence of any other
 guideance from the Project Leadership, the bug should be generally
 left at the maintainer's preferred severity.


> Please read my diff. There are other suggestions I have not discussed
> here, as they are relatively clear, like sentence clarifications or
> improvements.

As I said earlier, diffs are far too much hard work - particularly if
they're full of stylistic and idiolectical changes which I disagree
with.  So, I'm not going to read your diff.  Can't you suggest changes
in prose, instead ?


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