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Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4"):
> > 6. Bug report etiquette
> > [...]  Bug reports are `todo list' items for the whole Project
> 	I strongly disagree. The Bug list is a communications
>  mechanism that allows us to improve debian, and as such, it is far
>  more, and in some aspects, less than, a TODO list. 

Well, how about `usually' ?  Most bug reports are at the very least
todo list items - although they are, as you say, much more too.  I'm
not sure `usually' adds much, really.  `Amongst other things' ?

I'm afraid I don't seem to be getting to grips with your point.

> 	The BTS allows users of our packages to communicate with us,
>  and enables contributrs to work on the problems with the package. As
>  such, the bug severity is a simple mechanism to allow allocation of
>  scant resources; and it is important that there is a common
>  understanding of what a priority implies. 

Well, err, yes, but I'm not sure I understand your point.  I don't
mention severities.  Do you think I should ?

> > For example, here are some examples of situations where a bug report
> > should not be closed:
> > * The bug was reported against A, reassigned to B, but
> > [disagreement over where the bug is]
> 	In this case, obviously the BTS is recording a problem, and
>  not merely a todo list of either package. You may argue that all
>  problems should be fixed, and thus are todo items, but that
>  abstraction loses a llot of the characteristics of the phenomena that
>  a bts represents. 

Is it just that you're objecting to my characterisation of bugs as
todo list items ?  Indeed, I do argue that all problems should be
fixed, and thus are todo items.  Perhaps I'm just thinking of todo
lists as richer than you find them.

> > * The bug was reported; the maintainer felt immediately that it
> > was a spurious bug report of some kind, and closed it,
> > [...]
> > While a situation is being discussed, any relevant bug report(s)
> > should remain open.  [... and lots more about not playing bug tag]
> 	This last bit sounds fair enough.

I'm not sure how much that last comment of yours applies to the bug
staying open while it's being discussed, but that's really what I'm
trying to get at with my comments about todo list items.  Can you
think of a better way of getting the same point across - basically
that a problem shouldn't be considered dealt with, and should still be
paid attention[1], until it's actually sorted out ?

[1] Of course, attention levels will vary.  Thats what (I think)
severity levels are for.  But I don't go into severities here, except
to say you shouldn't fight over them in the BTS.


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