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Re: Latest `disputes' draft (#3)

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 10:57:35PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I've had a handful of pretty positive comments by private mail (ha ha
> the lurkers support me in email), which I'm finding encouraging.

I am not sure what purpose is served by making unfalsifiable claims of

Those who support any of your drafts as-is and feel that they are
pefect, or who object to any of the alterations proposed by anyone else,
should speak up publicly on this list.

Your unverifiable claims of support, whether for this document or for
you personally, are not reliable data for any function.

> I also don't think they're worth arguing about, so I'm just going to
> do what I feel like.


> If you think I'm being arrogant why not organise a campaign to get me
> to `fix' my idiolect.

I'm not interesting in fixing your idiolect.  I'm interesting in fixing
the document so that it can be a Joint Resolution of the Debian
Developers instead of a Joint Resolution of Ian Jackson.  Your
reluctance to substitute standard English grammar and syntax for your
stylistic idiosyncrasies in the document suggest to me an low likelihood
that you'll be receptive to more substantive changes, an impression
that, to date, has been countered by precious little data.

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