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Re: Latest `disputes' draft (#3)

On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 12:13:46PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> and the language about how people should write documentation that
> doesn't exist to support their arbirtary decision is absent despite the
> fact that you implied that this language was present in your latest
> draft, which you hadn't mailed out yet at the time.

My apologies; you did actually include this.  The absence of a diff, as
well as mutt's weird text search feature that won't let one move on
until one uses some other mechanism to scroll all the visible matches off
the screen, confused me.

To help people who don't mind the unified diff format understand your
changes, I have sent a diff between your first and third drafts to

However, I continue to feel that the changes you've made insufficiently
the reflect the nature and quantity of the feedback you've received.

Perhaps once the GR to fix the voting procedure with regard to circular
beat paths is passed, it would be best if we made this a "joint
recommendation" of all Debian Developers by making the Dispute
Resolution Police a General Resolution.

This issue should be relatively non-contentious compared to the pending
"disamgbiguation" GRs, and the ones that impact the Debian Social
Contract, and may be a good test of the new voting procedure if we have
more than one proposal, which may be the case if you are not
sufficiently responsive to the concerns of your audience.

Thanks for continuing to work on this, nevertheless.

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