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Last Minute Idea for the 5th Annual Linux Conference

We are an associate member of TSEA (Trade Show Exhibitor Association) We got your company name on the 5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference directory. Our company, PowerPrint, is a woman-owned, fabric construction company specializing in last minute  (even 24 hr) projects.
We produce very large or very small FABRIC banners, table drapes, carpet tiles,  - most are so portable - they are easy-to-carry.
We have done beautiful fabric overhangs, banners, visual displays and flooring
for APPLE, VISA, Public Television, the Olympics, Churches, Temples and many others. Most weigh less than 10 lbs and have a very fashionable, attention
getting appeal.
Turnaround is 5 working days or less.....
If we can be of any service or if you would like more information, please
visit our website at www.fabricbanners.com. If you would like other
information, please call me. Thank you for your time.
Eileen Tichane
PowerPrint/ColorWays, Inc.
1010 Morse Ave., Suite 2
Sunnyvale, CA  94089
408.734.9376 fax

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