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Re: Disputes between developers - draft guidelines

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

 Ian> I disapprove of the `wontfix' tag, in principle.  It seems to me that
 Ian> there are three possible relevant situations:

 Ian>   * There is a deficiency in the package, but perhaps the maintainer
 Ian>     does not have time or expertise to fix it.  The bug should remain
 Ian>     open, maybe with `help'.

	Not a candidate for th wontfix tag.

 Ian>   * There is no deficiency in the package.  The bug should be closed.

	Also not a candidat.

 Ian>   * The question is currently disputed.  `wontfix' is not an appropriate
 Ian>     tag here, since it implies a decisive outcome, rather than an
 Ian>     ongoing process [1].  I wouldn't mind `disputed' tag; that would
 Ian>     indicate the need for continuing discussion.

	No, the dispute resolution process has collapsed; and th person
 who does the work has determined that th bug shall not be acted
 upon. Disputed implies progress may still be made; wontfix means I
 WONT FIX THIS. There is a difference. 

 Ian> Note that the BTS is not a good place to document commonly reported
 Ian> mistaken (or controversial) bugs.  That should be done in package
 Ian> documentation in the usual way.  If this is done correctly then
 Ian> repeated _useless_ bug reports should be generally avoidable -
 Ian> although you can reasonably expect (and indeed it would be
 Ian> appropriate for) people to file new reports if they have substantial
 Ian> new arguments etc.

	Utopia. In practice, if some idiot out there is ropening bugs,
 and there is no common ground, wontfix is a statement of intent.

 Ian>  Be flexible; try to avoid categorical statements such as `I
 Ian>  will never implement that'.  There is no shame in being
 Ian>  convinced, by good arguments, to change your mind, even if you
 Ian>  have just been vigorously propounding the opposite view !

	Oh, Jesus.

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