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Re: Linux On A Windows Partition

Toqota wrote:
> Hi there,I was wandering if you had a distribution that would work on a Windows partition.

Any GNU/Linux distribution would work on a windows partition.
However, only very few distributions still offer a similar option
during the initial installation.

And since you've asked, I presume that you're not familiar with the
features the Linux kernel offers you.  Hence, the answer for you would
probably be no.  Please split up your windows partition and reserver
one or two (a second one for swapping, eg. 128MB of size) for
GNU/Linux.  Please read our installation manual which is online at:

In general, though, the umsdos driver offers a Unix filesystem on top
of a FAT16 (or FAT32, I guess) filesystem.  So if your windows
partition is using such a filesystem, you could load the umsdos driver
into the kernel and access C:\LINUX as / within the GNU/Linux system.
This probably requires some fiddling during the installation but
should be doable.



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