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You are advertising a company that is Scamming.

I wanted to inform you that on your "Getting Debian" site you list a company that sells the Debian CDs who is Scamming/ and/or accepting payment for Debian CDs and Never sending them. I thought you should know as it could look badly for yours wonderful company to list this seller as a distributor when he is scamming people out of their money.
Here is the information about the company who is advertising on your website that they sell Debian CDs but takes your money and runs:
LA Express   
Business Contact Information
Customer Service URL:
Customer Service Email:

I really tried to work it out with this company BEFORE I sent this letter to you. I wrote so many emails but none of them were responded to. I even waited over a month before requesting that my credit card contest the charge!
Thank you.
-Lila Travis

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