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Re: question about debian advertising

Ben Collins wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 04:17:56PM +0100, julien klein wrote:
> > hi
> > I would like to collect information about the debian community's strategy in terms of advertising and promotion.
> > I'm particularly interested in how debian manages to keep its tradition of "non profit community" when it comes to extend the community and make advertising.
> > so if you know any website about this topic, or have any information, I would appreciate.
> How does Debian handle advertising? We don't do adtertising. That pretty
> much sums it up.

Well, that's not the whole truth.  Every once in a while, we happily
use the space a magazine offers us free of charge for a printed
advert.  This has happened for some time in the UK and in the US once
(iirc).  We don't pay for advertising, of course.



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