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Re: Problems with a page & an adaptec

* Heriberto Martínez Bastida <herimb@bital.com.mx> [2002-09-13 17:00]:
>  I've been trying to download the rescue floppy image  for the Adaptec
> SCSI cards from  http://www.debian.org/releases/slink/, the following
> links mentioned on it seem to be outdated:
> http://www.debian.org/~adric/aic7xxx/ & ftp://kalle.csb.ki.se/pub/.

 That might be accurate, but did you know that since slink we had two
new releases, namely potato and woody (which is the current one)?  You
might want to try the woody boot floppies instead, I'm quite confident
that the support for your card is in there directly, give it a try.

 Btw., you mailed to two mailing lists that are not really related with
your question, you might want to consider using the
<debian-user@lists.debian.org> mailing list the next time, it should be
a better place for questions like these.

 Have fun,
"Wer sich die Netiquette ansieht, wird feststellen, dass sie keine
Zaehne hat, nicht wie ein Joch aussieht und sich auch nicht wie eine
Knute anfuehlt." (Christoph von Nathusius in de.soc.netzkultur)

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