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Re: Milton Smith is a rat

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:48:13AM -0500, Kathleen Rolen wrote:

> LA Express, Milton Smith does not deliver Debian CD's after receiving payment.
> It would be nice if you de-link their site.
> Ray Rolen

I don't see any "LA Express" or "Milton Smith" on the CD vendor list.  Does
anyone know what this person is talking about?

Now that I look over it, though, there is some stale stuff there, especially
on the far end of those links.  In particular, http://www.alldebian.com/

Alldebian.com - Your source for all the latest Official Debian CDs.

Current Release: 2.2 revision 6
(JUST OUT! 04/04/02 GET IT NOW!)

and they do appear to be only offering potato.

 - mdz

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