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Re: irc.debian.org

Andrew Suffield wrote:
> So, again, why is it there? Once we know what criteria should be used
> to determine what to point names under that domain at, then (and only
> then) can we decide what to point them at. If anything. It's quite
> possible that this CNAME should not exist at all.

Excuse me, but the above paragraph is so much bureaucratic wanking.

It was pretty clear at the time that we added that CNAME because it
seemed the way we could best serve our users. At the time it did not
seem that we could run our own irc servers, and there was a need for
debian users to get their irc client pointed someplace where they could
join a debian help channel. A layer of indirection (rather than
defaulting all irc clients to "irc.linpeople.org") was clearly a good

Or of it satisfies your need for some document: The social contract
empowers us to act in the best interests of our users, blah blah blah.

Of course IIRC this happened before we had a social contract and before a
statement like yours would have had a prayer of being taken seriously.

see shy jo

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