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Unidentified subject!

Dear sir:
   My name is Wei Gao, I am an international student
at an American University. I took a course on Network
TCP/IP this spring, and I used the linux for the first
time in my life. I really liked it, it's very robust,
and efficient. I was just wondering if you can let me
become an volunteer for the debian project and work on
some projects. I am totally free this summer and I
know how to program in C,C++, java, and I am also an
computer science major. My main problem like other
inernational students is I don't have much working
experience. Therefore, if you have to let me show you
an resume, I can't show it because I don't working
experience. But if you can give me an chance to prove
myself. I guarantee you that I can do a good job.
Please consider me for an voluteer. 
                         Best wish to you!
                         Wei Gao

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