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RE: 120mhz?


I think it is difficault ot answer this, since we do not have more info,
esp. concerning the available anount of memory, harddisk space.

The more or less minimal machine I'd use is a 386/66 with 16-20 mb ram and
about 100 MB of harddisk space (if oyu spool large documents, you can easily
need another 500-600 mb of space for spooling/processing)

Also if you say print server, there's a difference between forwarding some
1-2 page docs form the network to a locally attacged printer and  running a
postscript to pcl converter/RIP like thing for frequent printing of large
documents containing images.

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I want to run a small 120MHz cyrix (UUUUURGH, I know!!) as a print
Will debian linux do this?

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