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Dr. Abdul Tukur
Special Assistant to the President
on Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Nigeria

Date: 04-05-2002


I am writing you this confidential letter with
positive mind believing that you will give it a second
thought and at the same
time, favourable response. Though you may be feeling
that we do not know each other before but I will
continue to remain positive minded that we can do
something together in as much as the future is

As indicated above, I am Dr. Abdul Saleh, Special
Assistant to the President of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria on Foreign Affairs. As you may wish to know,
our Excellency, the President is seeking for a
re-election for a second term in office to complete
the good
democratic foundation he has laid down for the country
in general. As such, some of his good policies has not
been well implemented and watching this good ideas
being washed away is not of good interest to the
nation and considering all these factors, some eminent
personalities in the country have persuaded the 
President to seek for a second term in office in order
to accomplish these good tidings he has in mind for
his country.

Consequently, some very strong opposition parties have
just been formed in order to challenge the ruling
party (Peoples Democratic Party), and as the incumbent
president, he would not want to loose the election for
any reason and Nigeria, having a population of 150
million people, the President on personal arrangement
have mapped out a staggering sum of Five hundred
million US dollars (US$500 million) to make sure he
recorded sound victories in the next coming elections,
which is almost at hand.

However, the amount mentioned would be used to seek
international support and to carry out other internal
logistic matters that will enable him to win
convincingly. Based on this perspective, the mentioned
fund have been disbursed for the various purposes it
was meant for but somewhere along the line, I have
been able to divert the sum of US$50 million from the
said fund with the help of the Principal Staff
Accountant attached to the President. Our intention is
to secretly transfer this money out of the country
since His Excellency is not aware of the deal we have
masterminded and we really want to use this money for
investment in your country if you accept on the

Furthermore, for your support and assistance to
transfer this money out, you will be given 20%
commission and the rest 80% belongs to us. That is the
Principal Staff Accountant and I.

Note: this money is not in our custody for now hence,
it has been deposited with a security/finance
organization here pending when we will get a reliable
foreign partner that will help us claim the money out.
Note also, due to certain recommendations made by the
Federal Executive Council (FEC), it was mandated that
no civil servant working under any arm of government
should be allowed to
operate or have a foreign account and it was imposed
as a law and duly signed by the President. Based on
all these, the tendency to claim this money by
ourselves would undermine the deal and moreover this
transaction is expected to be finalized within two

Finally, I am assuring you that no risk is involved in
your participation; hence nobody knows what we have
done concerning the diverted funds.

Please kindly keep confidential and let me know your
response as quickly as possible. I can be reached on
the above contact information. More information will
be given as soon as I hear from you.

Best regards,

Dr. Abdul Tukur

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