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Re: Working on debian developer's reference and "best packaging practices"

Previously Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Surely either everything necessary should be in the dpkg reference or
> everything necessary should be in policy.

I'm not sure. I see them more as complementing each other, much like
RFC1855 (netiquette) complements RFC822 (email format) or how a
users manual complements a reference manual.

> I understand that dpkg can be used elsewhere than Debian, but
> it's de facto purpose is to serve as the Debian packaging system.

I'm somewhat interested in having dpkg accepted in other environments
as well and gradually moving away from it being just the packaging
system for Debian.

> So if the dpkg reference doesn't document everything that Debian needs
> in this respect, what is the best thing to do?

dpkg allows things that Debian does not. Version numbering for NMUs is
a good example of a policy that Debian adds on top of what dpkg

There will be a reference manual for dpkg that documents only dpkg
specifics. You are free to copy parts of that into Debian policy,
but I would rather have them as seperate documents. That means
people will need to read both, but that might give them a better
understanding of how Debian is build.


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