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Dear Sirs,
AplusC is a company producing software utilities for network management. We started 4 years ago with Ethernet on the wire, useful Dos based program. Our latest product is Anasil ver. 2.2. software network analyzer for Win 95/98/NT/2000. As it's very advanced network management utility at affordable price, we started to sell it global. We have our resellers in France, UK, Hong-Kong, New Zealand, Germany, Slovakia, making quite good sales. We believe network management software market is growing rapidly,security in LAN becomes a more and more important, so possible cooperation would be profitable to both of us. 
If you are willing to cooperate with us please do not hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to work with you,

Eryk Batorowicz    
AplusC Sp. z o.o.
www.anasil.net - Software network analyzer
tel. +48 12 6312555
fax +48 12 6343370
Support: Grzegorz Knapczyk
+48 12 631 25 52

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