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Mirror update lock

I have been having a few reports of problems due to a mirror updating
and packages being unavailable.  Users believe it is some sort of error
or the packages are missing, the world is ending, this whole linux thing
is just a pile of crap... etc, every report is laced with a bit of

Anyway, I've been wondering if it could be avoided by having apt-get
check for a 'lockfile' of some sort on the mirror, if the file exists,
then it displays a message like "This mirror is currently being updated,
please try one of the mirrors listed <url>here</url>.  It will be
completed in approxmately: <time>".  When the update is complete, the
file is removed.

Has this been done?  Or is there some reason why it would not work well?

Blake Barnett (bdb)  <blake.barnett@developonline.com>
Sr. Unix Administrator
DevelopOnline.com                 office: 480-377-6816

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