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First of all, there is no such thing as a Linux O/S-box. You are
probably referring to "Linux OS" as it has been released by Corel some
time ago. I don't think they are still shipping it.

The term "Linux" is just the name of the kernel, i.e. the most internal
part of a computer system which is responsible for actually running the
programs you use. The Linux kernel is developed by volunteers, and all
the boxes you can buy in a shop are just collections of programs
together with that kernel, so-called "distibutions. Most of these
programs are also free to use, distribute and modify. If you are
interested in this philosophy, have a look at http://www.gnu.org/
Debian GNU/Linux itself is also such a distribution, but a special one.
It is the only big one which is also put together by volunteers. So the
Debian project itself *does not sell* any boxes. If you are interested
in Debian GNU/Linux, you can download some ISOs from
http://cdimages.debian.org/ or buy a box from a vendor listed on
http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/. If you are looking for a vendor
giving commercial support for a Distribution, have a look at one of
these: http://www.redhat.com/, http://www.suse.com/ or

From: "Prashant" <prashant@caltigergold.com>
> Dear Sir/Madam,
>                         I have been keen to switch to LINUX and have
> purchased two versions of LINUS O/S but have not been able to setup
> system in GUI Mode since I have a VINTRON Mother Board (Intel i810e
> and that is not being supported by the LINUX O/S. May I request you to
> me a CD with the latest LINUX O/S containing KDE, GNOME, SQL , PERL
and all
> development tools on the following address :-
> Maj K P Prabhakar
>   Dy Dir
>   Room No 126, HQ DGBR
>   Seema Sadak Bhavan,
>   Ring Road, New Delhi - 110 010
>                     I do hope you will help me out and send me the CD
as a
> special case free of cost.

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