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Re: question on linux

On Tue, 2002-03-19 at 14:13, XAesculapius Shadow of Death wrote:
> i m a beginner on linux, i don't know which modem i can use on a linux
> and i have two modems at home, i don't know which one i can use,
> so can you help me?
> Lucent Win Modem
> Aopen FM56-PM

Winmodems are not really modems, and usually DO NOT work under linux.
Now the Lucent winmodems can be made to work under linux, but it's not
an easy job for beginners.

I don't know the Aopen modem, but if it is a real modem (no winmodem) it
will probably work just fine. Try a google-search on it, or wait for
others to answer this question.

In general, you are safe with 'external' modems. :)


P.S. why are you cross-posting this to Debian, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and
NetBSD mailinglists.... not very nice...

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