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Please Is 184 public middle school

Hi this is the IS 184 middle school . We are have a Science Fair and I as a Vice President of the 7this asking for help from you with all my heart. I wish you will help as make our Science fair, our School, and our Communite, the best  place to be and grow up and be a wise perspicacious student . Our school is going to be close down because of our stupid behavio and the only way we could  make our school the best and only save place to be is by putting our self together and poof to People that we our self  have the brain we use just do not use it but now we know and we are going to poorf it to every one. Please help as by donating and supporting our school
Please call 718-742-4406 or email me by Mimmibabygirl@cs.com For question
about our problem
                                                                                       By Mimi hadi
                                                                        The Vice president of Is 184 7th

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