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RE: 2.4 kernel

Debian Woody currently supports 2.4.x kernels, debian potato can be made to
support 2.4.x kernels at realtively little effort.

Given that the first  more or less "bugless" 2.4.x is 2.4.16, and that most
important features of early 2.4.x kernels have been backported, there's
little reason to prefer 2.4.16 over 2.2.20 (except perhaps a non-free gfx
card driver that wants a 2.4.x kernel).

So, as to me, I wouldnt be bothered if woody shipped with 2.2.20, with an
option to install 2.4.16 (or whatever 2.4. is "feasible" then)

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Do you have plans to move to the 2.4 kernel?  What time frame do you



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