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RE: Linux at school

Dear Mr. Gentili,

first of all, this is not a mandrake mailing list (nothing against mandrake,
its a very ogod distro for beginning ot intermediate users), but a debian

Information on Denian (also in italian :) ) can be found at 


As described on the homepage, debian is completely free. For this reason you
can either download a set of disks and install what you need over the
network, or you can buy a set of CDs (which you may freely copy) form one of
the vendors.

The CD vendors in italy are listed at (eg.)


Please note, that unlike with proprietary software, you do not need one set
of cd's or disks per computer, but that you can install as many computers as
you like with one set of cd's. Should you choose to dowload those from the
network, they come at no cost to you (other than network usage charges of
your isp).

Unless stability is a life-threatening issue, I reccomend you get the
"Woody" distribution, which will become finalised/"officially stable" in the
next few months.

Please note that debian also has support in italian (the debian-italian
list, most manuals have been translated I think).

Best Wishes

Robert Ribnitz

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Subject: Linux at school

Dear MandrakeSoft,

Two company that have a distribution of Linux send to my school their
Linux distribution with CDs and manuals (50 the 1st and 35 the 2nd) of
old version (for example if the newest version is the 10.4 they send to
the 10.2).

For those pack we paid only the shipping cost.

I think that it is a good thing because the student that will use the
distribution on the shool, in the future they will use it in a large

Are you interested to send us some pack of an old version of Mandrake

The school is a technical high school of Milan in Italy.

Best regards
Alessandro Gentili

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