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Re: malformed release file

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 03:34, Kristof Goossens wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to install woody, but when I try to install the base system over the net, I get the
> message: "malformed release file  http://http.us.debian.org:80/debian/dists/woody/Release";
> I figured the problem occures in all mirrors I tried to :(
> If you could fix that, it whould be of GRATE help ;)
Try debian-user next time.  You will get a better response.  Also you
should use the latest boot-floppies.  If this is a woody CD it is
probably just an older snapshot.  There were problems with the boot
floppies a few months ago.  I would recomend going with the bf2.4 floppy
images.  IMHO they are a bit rougher in a few places than the normal
floppies, but they offer you so much more freedom.  The main place that
they get hard is the kernel and driver config part.  I would recomend
only putting in those modules that are needed for the install then
cooking your own kernel after that.  But then again if your new to linux
you should probably stick to the official floppy images.  

-Scott Henson


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