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Information request

To whom it may concern:

Please can you help me?

I am looking to introduce myself and my business to your organisation,
but don?t know to whom I should direct my enquiries.

Currently, we?re offering a free two-week trial of our real-time IT news
monitoring service to suitably qualified organisations ? potentially 
of value to the person in-charge of company IT security. The service can
be used to track up-to-the-minute events on virus, security & encryption.

To whom do you think I should speak to take this further?  If you?re
reluctant to give out their names, please could you forward this e-mail
to them.

Many thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Alex Hazell

t:  (+44) (0)20 7471 0404
e: sales@NewsNow.co.uk
w: http://www.NewsNow.co.uk/di

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