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Re: integrating FAQ and user-lists

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> and no closing of the lists will ever be done.

Well, this is where my project is worthless, then...
Or maybe we don't understand each other on the word "closed" ?
I'd like people to reconsiderate the problem having in mind that it
doesn't "remove" something to anybody. It simply requires the users who
are not subscribers to a given list to use a web interface for their
question, instead of their email client. It adds the possibility to
search the archive without thinking about it, and maybe to find answers
to your FAQ !

I simply propose to add some tools between non subscribers and the list,
not to forbide anybody to enter a list...

> However, for the "help request" thing you proposed, I think it's a
> bit too much "robotic". I agree that a web interface would be nice,
> however I don't understand all the details.
> Why would the answers be sent by mail when the form could bring
> your information on a web page ?

Well, yes, it is stupid. This (by email) parenthesis makes the
confusion. Let me write it another way, then :

we could look for possible previous answers in the mailing list archives
and propose them to the user, using the tools that are currently
implemented and used at http://lists.debian.org/search.html

> Also, I'm not sure that an automatic system to forward the question
> to the appropriate user list is a good idea. I prefer that people
> take the time to write themselves the message.

Of course ! I wrote :
> You could choose a language ('-user' beeing the default), ask your
> question and give a few keywords.

Maybe I was not clear enough. The user writes his question, just like
he'd have done with his email client, except it's in a php (or what you
want) page instead of its mailer.
He _has to_ choose a list (among the -user ones for example, but you
could be more general), default being -user, and to give a few keywords,
that'll be used for the search.

Note : I've had no other answer than yours and I have the feeling that
nobody cares. I'd be pleased to have feedback...

LIMSI-CNRS, BP133, 91403 Orsay, France

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