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TuxCDs should be removed from your vendor list

Dear Debian Organizers,

You have a wonderful site.
I would like to inform you, however about a terrible experience
that I had recently.  Bear with me.

I attempted to obtain distribution CDs from
one of the vendors on your list,  namely TuxCDs.
I asked them to express mail the latest GNU/Debian distro.

I paid for overnight shipping.  The total came to thirty dollars.
Disks arrived after four days, but they were a mismatched bunch.
One was a FreeBSD disk, (an older distribution).  The others
were unusable as a result, and definitely *not* the latest distro.
I asked that the correct disks be sent, overnight, as I was going
to be moving out of state two days later.
Karl at  sales@tuxcds.com replied by email in a very angry, nasty
tone, that he would not replace all three disks, and that he had
no intention of providing the very latest stable distro, and also
demanded that the first disk be sent back, and did not give a
reason for his demand.  He then changed his mind, and said that
he did not need the disk.  The way he left it, I understood that a 
new disk would arrive by regular mail in  two or three days.
So I waited, and waited, and waited...
They did eventually send a disk,   *three* weeks later!
I have no idea whether it was a good disk or not because it had been
deliberately _snapped in half_ before being mailed.
(I checked, and the mailing package was unharmed in any way.)

I have never had such a bad experience purchasing something
through the mail. They have stolen thirty dollars, and I am quite aggravated.
I am going to go to the postal service to file a complaint for mail fraud.

I just thought that you folks would want to know, so that you can
consider removing these abusive thieves from your wonderful site.
I admire your work, and I wish you well in your endeavors.

-Christian Rudolph

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