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Re: General Question

On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 18:16, Andrew Roland wrote:
> I am very sorry for wasting your time, but I am considering using a linux
> program for my Power Mac. I have never used linux before, but I think that
> Debian will be my choice.
> I have a concern though: Does Debian (or any linux os) have a graphic
> interface? I am used to Mac OS, and I'm not sure about using something like
> DOS.

Indeed it does have a graphical interface via the X Window System; then
there are different "desktop environments" you can use like GNOME and
KDE.  They include email clients, file managers, web browsers, games,
spreadsheets and such. If you're interested in installing
Debian/PowerPC, I suggest you start here:


There are links to the potato and woody installation manuals, as well as
information about supported hardware and available IRC channels and
mailing-lists for help.

Good luck!

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