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Re: CD images for potato rev 5

DervishD wrote:
>     Hello all :))
>     Please, cc: me as I'm not on the list ;)
>     Just one simple question: when will be released the cdimages for
> 2.2r5? I can only find the 2.2r4 ones :? Is there any date planned?

Steve McIntire just posted:

] I've made images for 2.2r5 on cdimage. The old r4 images are still
] around for now, but chmod'ed so they're not accessible. After the fun
] Phil had last time with the sparc and ppc images, I'm not taking any
] chances. I've copied the debian-cd directory he used last time and
] updated it, so hopefully it should all work.

] The new r5 images are there ready for testing in potato_test. Feel
] free to grab those and help us test, or wait a couple of days and
] they'll be labelled r5 properly.



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