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Re: question on upgrading

On Saturday 12 January 2002 01:39 am, Carlos Laviola wrote:
> Yeah, just run apt-get update && apt-get -du dist-upgrade, then come

  that should be apt-get -dyu dist-upgrade, if you want it to run without

> > Also, ever since i sent an email to debian-project@lists.debian.org i
> > started gettign like 40 emails a day with linux questions and i was
> > wondering if you can tell me how to stop it.
> I haven't received any of these.  Can you forward us one of them with
> full headers?  Didn't you subscribe to the mailing list, maybe?

  I doubt it, debian-project doesn't get anything like 40 emails a day.  I'd
also be curious to see one of the mails, though.  (maybe he subscribed to
debian-devel by accident, although I don't see how you could do that)


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