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Collaboration proposal

This message contains a collaboration proposal made by Romania Data Systems (RDS) to Debian.
Let me tell you something about our company first.
RDS is at this moment the most important broadband ISP in Romania, and the ISP that offers the highest bandwidth in Eastern Europe - 155 Mbps. We have our own fiber optics network in Bucharest and in the most important cities of the country and  we are developing a 4.000 KM nation wide network to connect all main regions of the country.  1500 Km of this fiber optics network is already functional at STM 4 level  - 622 Mbps. Next year it will be upgraded to STM 16 - 2,5 Gbps.
We provide  broadband acces and data transmisions services in  Bucharest and other 36 cities for companies and for governamental institutions. RDS also has a dial-up service called RDSLink directed to low bandwidth and individual users.
We also offer Video over IP solutions and when the national's telephony company monopoly will end in 2003, we will offer our clients Voice over IP services.
Our company wants also to became a multi-service operator. In this direction, we own a well known portal in Romania - www.home.ro , we are creating a B2B portal - www.concret.ro and a technical portal - www.linux.ro.
www.linux.ro wishes to offer to Linux and Open Source community from Romania the best quality Linux news, distributions, software, etc. That is why I'm comming to you. We have on our site a section named "Distributions", where we present all the Linux distributions available. Why did I send this message to you? Because we need a verry good presentation of the Debian Linux Distribution. We'd like to post also a company profile and history. You are the best source of information. We are also open to any kind of collaboration beetwin us.
Please confirm the receiving of this message.
Your Sincerely
Cristian Gheorghe
25th Sfanta VIneri, bl.105C
Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 (1) 301.08.50
Fax:     +40 (1) 301.08.51
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