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Re: [groucho@lanet.com.ar: fake Debian mirror at http://www.debian.org.ar/]

As my complains about www.debian.org.ar have reached this list, I would like
to mke some clarifications here.

1) After re-reading that page, and being kindly adviced by Siward de Groot,
I no longer consider
the contents of http://www.debian.org.ar to be unacceptable, so I would like
to drop my complains.
2) In the likely event that the author of http://www.debian.org.ar is
reading this: It was never my intention
to hurt your reputation or flame you.
3) On a related message I carelessly mentioned the wrong debian developer as
being responsible for
package ´koth´. My apologies to all involved parties.

Groucho Marx

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