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Re: linux kernel

> Hello,
> I like to complain about the debian distribution. It's time to release
> debian with the
> 2.4.* kernel. Many software require the 2.4.* kernel. I as a less
> experianced linux
> have trouble with compiling a kernel and well, I simply don't have the
> time to learn
> all the ins and outs of the linux kernel or compiling it.

> Greetings
> Theo Houtman

Dear Mr Houtman,

first of all please do not send html-mail, or mail with attachments to this 
list, since many people are unable to handle such mail.

Second, there are two ways to get a 2.4.x (x<12 have a local root exploit, 
x=14 has some problems with the ntfs driver among other things, so I recommend 
2.4.12 or 2.4.13) to run on your system:

a) upgrade to woody (unstable/testing) - kernels 2.4.x run with no problem, 
mmuch of the software is newer than woody, but some of it still has problems 
(woody hasnt been released yet)

b) packages to make ptotato compatible with the 2.4.x kernels  are available 
at: http://people.debian.org/~bunk/debian/dists/potato/main/binary-i386/

Third, compiling your own kernel is not that difficult or time-consuming on a 
moderately new system (on a Pentium 133 it takes 20-30mins, on a Pentium II 
systzem its in the order of 10mins). Being able to compile your own kernel 
enables you to cut out all that slack (whats an usb driver in the kernel good 
for if I have no usb port?)

Fourth, bringing out a new release takes time, especially so if it not just a 
security fix update (r1..4 are essentially that).

Also just recently kernel 2.2.20 has been released..


Robert Ribnitz

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