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Re: linux kernel

"Theo Houtman" <webmaster@jarofflies.com> writes:

> I like to complain about the debian distribution.

You *can* complain all you want. Debian won't be release earlier because
of that. Debian will be released when it's ready. The only thing that
will help getting Debian released is by testing, finding bugs and
fixing bugs.

> It's time to release debian with the 2.4.* kernel.

Well, 2.4.15 should be a stable kernel and some of the most pressing
issues with the vm should be solved. But lets give it a little time
before we believes to much in it.

> Many software require the 2.4.* kernel.

The only software I've seen that has to use 2.4-kernels is software
especially made to support special new features of 2.4 like lvm,
reiserfstools and devfsd.

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