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Re: Embedded Product

Hello Armstrong-san, Nils-san,

Thank you very much to send information to me.

Thank you.


> Well, not entirely correct.  The footnote at the bottom of the home page
> says:
>         * NOTE: This is an independent project, and is not formally associated
>         with Debian. We plan on working closely with Debian, with the goal of
>         our work eventually being integrated into the mainstream.
> So it is not Debian that is doing this.
> > There are some CPU architectures but there isn't information about
> > development board such as PowerPC.  About device driver, if there is that device
> > source file for LINUX kernel 2.2 in the Internet, can I use it with emdebian ?
> I think either the driver would have to be ported to 2.4 or CML2+OS
> backported to 2.2.  Or at least it is my (perhaps mistaken) impression
> that CML2+OS is Linux 2.4 specific.  If you want to know for certain,
> you should write in the appropriate forum, which is the emdebian-discuss
> mailing list:
>         http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/emdebian-discuss

> there is also a debian Power PC mailing list and web page
> (http://www.debian.org/ports) that may provide useful information.

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